Crazy Speed

 My wife, daughter and I were up on Giant's Head Mt. in the Okanagan and we came across some long boarders who were about to ride down it.  This seemed incredible to me, the single land road down the mountain was three kilometres of nine percent grade with very sharp switch back turns every couple of hundred metres.  I went up and talked to them for a while and asked if it would be ok if we would take some photos and video as they went down the mountain.  We went down ahead of them and waited at one of the corners.  They went by a couple of times and then I asked if they had ever done a chase car so that I could record them from behind.  They agreed and Madison Bucsu, a local long-board maker, drove down behind them at high rates of speed with me hanging out the window with my 7D.  My daughter took all of the stills in the video with my XSi and did a wonderful job.  We had a wonderful time, and as so often before the most memorable times that we have on holiday happen when we are willing to just start up a conversation with someone.

-Russell Berg