Berg-21-Apr-2017-16-51-09 Magnolia, Blossoms, Flowers, Sky, Blue.jpg
Berg-21-Apr-2017-16-54-56 Cherry, Tree, Blossoms, Flowers, Sky.jpg
2016-03-05 at 11-14-33 Flower, Black & White, Droplet, Water, Mist, White, Snow Drop.jpg
2009-10-10 at 11-27-24 Leaf, Still Life, Red, White, High Key, Transluscent.jpg
2012-12-27 at 15-10-56 Nature, Still Life, Coconut, Sand, Beach, Ocean, Erosion, Water.jpg
2009-08-01 at 18-50-18 30's, Dawn, Dew, Grass, Haying, Mist, Nature, Stein.jpg
2011-05-22 at 11-49-52 Flowers, Focus, Orange, Red, Spring, Tulip, Yellow.jpg
2010-04-28 at 14-27-10 Crack, Flowers, Nature, Plants, Rock.jpg
2010-05-22 at 20-20-51 Bent, Black & White, Landscape, Seascape Trees, Trees, Windblown.jpg
2010-08-10 at 17-35-57 Black, Burnt, Grass, Green, Moss, Nature, Okanagan, Stump.jpg
2010-05-24 at 09-08-39 Bokeh, Flowers, Lilly, Newcastle Island, Sunshine, Yellow.jpg
2012-10-20 at 08-47-57 Autumn, Dead, Fall, Foliage, Leaves, Nature, Orange, Red.jpg
2011-05-22 at 12-22-01 Audbergine, Black, Dark Purple, Flowers, Garden, Purple, Tulip.jpg
2009-08-07 at 05-22-16 garden sunflowers plants.jpg
2010-04-28 at 14-32-27 sandstone ocean rocks.jpg
2010-05-29 at 13-50-27 green leaf plant light.jpg
2011-12-20 at 12-04-39 winter berries branch bare.jpeg
2011-05-22 at 12-07-39 flowers pink plants texture.jpg
2009-10-10 at 11-23-54 leaf maple red canada symbol.jpg
2009-04-20 at 10-01-21 branches delicate flowers fuzzy magnolia pink tender.jpg
2009-09-17 at 01-06-18 ancient bark gary oak nature oak piper's lagoon tree trees weathered.jpg
2012-02-05 at 08-51-14 bare branches looking up scarey threatening trees winter.jpg
2012-02-05 at 08-52-49 bare branches looking up scarey threatening trees winter.jpg
2012-02-05 at 08-52-59 bare branches looking up scarey threatening trees winter.jpg
2012-02-05 at 08-53-46 bare branches looking up scarey threatening trees winter.jpg
2009-07-03 at 03-32-55 decay forest hiking juan de fuca log moss nature stump.jpg
2009-10-10 at 10-24-06 autumn branch fall landscape maple nature red trees.jpg
2009-06-25 at 16-45-58 plant flower depth of field focus hosta bloom.jpg
2010-02-06 at 14-37-04 black  white long beach nature ocean rocks sand tofino water.jpg
2009-08-01 at 18-58-34 depth dreamy flower grass green purple soft.jpg
2009-08-01 at 18-58-34 1 depth dew dramatic flower grass green purple.jpg
2010-02-06 at 14-10-01 barnacle gooseneck long beach nature rocks seascape tofino.jpg
2012-10-20 at 08-06-08 autumn branch fall leaf leaves nature tree.jpg
2012-10-20 at 08-25-21 bark black  white branch nature trees.jpg
2012-10-20 at 09-03-18 autumn decay fall leaves nature red trees yellow.jpg
2009-09-03 at 04-06-22 daisy depth of field flowers garden macro petal pink.jpg
2009-07-04 at 06-28-57 black  white drift wood grain hiking juan de fuca still life weathered wood.jpg
2009-07-04 at 22-52-04 cedar giant hiking juan de fuca landscape nature old growth tall tree.jpg